Sword of the Stars The Pit: Back to the 90s

I never actually thought that I would say this but I am officially tired! Tired of watching great games and not playing them. Sure, great graphics and things alike make you feel that what’s happening on the screen is really happening and drags you deeper and deeper in the worlds of virtual reality. However, another plus in visual appearance very often adds another minus to the game’s plot. Trying to make their games look more and more fantastic, developers occasionally forget that after all – this is not the most important thing and very likely if the game looks fantastic but has a zero story to offer – it won’t be appreciated by any fan. However, Kerberos Productions has made a decision to get back to the 90s and share with us Sword of the Stars: The Pit. It does bring you back to the early game development when your own imagination meant a lot more than the graphical design. Well, I hope you are ready to travel back in time in the world of pixels and 16-bit music.

Sword of the Stars The Pit 3

Of course, Sword of the Stars: The Pit is not the only game out there designed in 8- or 16-bit graphics and, very likely, you would miss it in the variety of other pixel-like games. Luckily, we’ve got your back and won’t let you do this kind of mistake. By all means – if you are looking for pictures landscapes and graphical domination to surprise your gamer’s mind – you won’t get that kind of experience here. But, if you are OK with a little guy running with a gun in his hands and making his way through tunnels and sending small white dots instead of real bullets – you’ve came to the right place and Sword of the Stars: The Pit is a perfect companion to make your journey back to the future more than just pleasant.

Sword of the Stars The Pit 2

All the action that you are about to witness takes place in the very same universe Sword of the Stars strategy used to rock. Monsters and aliens have been “teleported” from the original Sword of the Stars directly into Sword of the Stars: The Pit and in case you’re a dedicated fan – you should definitely recognize those from the very first look. If you’re not – well, it’s never too late to get yourself involved into the amazing series of the Sword of the Stars universe. As for the main plot – it’s more than famous and well-known among people who enjoy watching sci-fi movies and can fit in one single sentence: if you want to save the planet, you need to pass all 30 levels of the underground laboratory filled with monsters and find the cure. Luckily, your future character is not limited with one personage and you can become one of the following heroes be it an original space marine, engineer or a pilot. Are you done making choices? Then let’s roll!!!

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Every next step of yours will bring lots of surprises, so do not count on turning Sword of the Stars: The Pit into another mindless shooter. Sure, you will be killing zombies and will be doing it a lot but beside this you are going to enjoy unexpected surprises and even more unexpected turnarounds: scary monsters jumping out from around every corner, aliens approaching from the blind spots behind you and hidden mines-slash-traps that will send you back in pieces. Boom – you’re dead and it’s time to hit the “Replay” button. Though, dying in Sword of the Stars: The Pit is not that easy, especially on easier difficulties, and is likely not to happen than to happen at all. But, if you’re really ganna try – impossible is nothing.

Sword of the Stars The Pit 5

But if you can feel yourself relaxed when talking about dying from monsters, there is another thing that you depend on and in this game it won’t make you feel secured. For some reason, I am going to talk about the simplest, and yet – the most viral necessity – Food! Your hero is a human being and it is vitally important for him to eat something from time to time. On the top of that – you can’t just kill an alien and eat his flash. First of all, his body is likely to be infected, secondly – you are not used to eat other being, even if they are not human. So, first of all – your task is to find food, secondly – make it be healthy (use disinfection) and thirdly – reach space kitchen to cook the food and make it look and be tasty. If you are really concerned about finding food – you should pick engineer as your character. His gadgets will make your life underground a lot easier but don’t count on his technological nature because even with my pretty careful game style, I’ve managed to starve the guy to death somewhere at the 14th Level. And irony it is, don’t you find?

Sword of the Stars The Pit 8

Well, on the other side, kind of linear and straightforward space marine who knows nothing about using med-packs and who can’t open even the simplest door with the lock-pick, literary bled to death somewhere at the 5th Level. As for the Pilot, who also happens to be a scout, actually, did a great job but managed to survive only to the 8th Level: she was eaten by polymorph who disguised himself as a medical storage. So, if you are going to play on Hard or even Normal difficulty – get yourself prepared to die and die pretty often. Sword of the Stars: The Pit forgets no mistakes and the “Restart” button will turn into one of the most hated but commonly used keys in your menu. But, if you haven’t noticed already – this is how games like this work: they drag you into as extreme conditions as possible leaving you a little chance to survive and send you all the possible misfortunes to turn your survival into hell: poison, radiation, poisoned food and water, traps, monsters, alien diseases and all the other stuff that sooner or later will send you to the dead.

Sword of the Stars The Pit 7

Sword of the Stars: The Pit phenomenon is based on one simple but very enjoyable rule: you can play it forever! Every time you launch the game for the next time, all the undergrounds will be generated over again and with the help of different potions and tonics you can upgrade your character as well as your weapon, change its effects and things like that. The only thing that never changes is the content of the messages and the recipe base. Oh, wait – its two things! Well, so be it: there are two things that never change! But, that won’t influence your desire to pass the game from the very beginning to the very end of the 30th level and you know why? Because Sword of the Stars: The Pit is one of those games that whispers in your stereos: “One more level and I will let you go to bed.” No matter how truthful it sounds, we all know that this is not likely to happen, so – my advice to you: do not forget to set your alarm to draw yourself back to reality.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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