Antichamber: The Best Geometrical Journey

What I do like about Indie games is that they always have something interesting to offer. Young and perspective developers have tons of amazing and even provocative ideas and they are not afraid to make them real and show to the public. Antichamber is one of those games that can’t be compared with anything else and even in the Indie world it is considered to be too extreme. So, why don’t we take a look and find out why Antichamber is not an easy nut to crack?

Antichamber geometry is both scary and surprising at the same time. I have to admit that I haven’t seen so many paradoxes in my life. In a regular attempt to go up you can go back to your starting point instead and by simply looking back to check the second ago passed corridor, find an amazingly big room with strange geometrical shapes. If you think that you can find some logical explanations while going through labyrinth – don’t, because there are none. In Antichamber ladders complete themselves and doors disappear the very same second you turn away to check your next move. There is nothing you can trust in Antichamber, but what is really hard to realize – you are the one who can’t be trusted.

Antichamber 3

Our understanding and outlooks on life are based on common stereotypes. If there is a deep canyon in front of us and a sign to the left saying “Jump”, in 99,99% we are going to jump. Technically, there is nothing wrong in that and doing right things is just, well, right. But what if we put those stereotypes aside and just for a little second stop acting like robots and go in the wrong direction? Will it break the system? Yes. Will it make us look and feel better? Probably. Will it be wrong? No! We enjoy being given a possibility to Choose but at the same time we are not ready to make choices. We are afraid to do something wrong and that is why we build a comfortable sequence of actions that we do and follow every single day. For those people who happen to be overloaded with stereotypic and mechanical way of life this game won’t make a difference and will rather become a waste of money and a total irritation than a masterpiece which, by the way, it is. We are always sure that every game has its beginning and has its end. But what if not? What if there is a beginning but the finish line is not your task? What if the journey itself happens to be your main goal?

Antichamber 2

Alexander Bruce and his Antichamber will break all your understandings of the word “Game.” But, after all, this game is all about breaking rules. And Journey. Probably, even a long but strange Journey about Breaking Rules. Of course, you can try to escape yourself and head straight to the exit but let me ask you something – did you come here for that? Did you come here to skip the part where you are supposed to find answers to your questions and leave the room without taking something for you? I hope not. Because, what is really important is to study yourself, to study things that you’ve been afraid to try in a real life, to feel the line between two simple statements: this can be done and this can’t be done. And what if following the rules is just the opposite to the word “Right” and, what is really important, expresses your deviant behavior? Have you ever thought about that?

Antichamber 4

If you check the description, Antichamber will be portrayed as a controversial puzzle with the elements of adventure. In order to move forward you will need to discover the world around, enter new chambers, examine new rooms and open new doors. All you are allowed to do is to move forward, run, jump and use a special gun in order to manipulate some objects. Every gun is limited in features and will allow you to manipulate only certain objects of a certain kind. Yes, in lots of cases you will be asked to solve some simple tasks and puzzle but isn’t life a sequence of simple things that make it special?

Antichamber 6

Antichamber will teach you a lesson. Probably, even a few. And all of those lessons are oriented on showing you how narrow and limited your vision of life is. You can’t get prepared to play this game because everything you do right will be wrong the very next second. If you think that this wall is solid – think again. If you were supposed to look someone in the eye in order to pass the security system it doesn’t mean that you will have to do the very same thing when passing the next one. Just on the contrary: you are likely to be forced to do the opposite. Yes, you will be falling a lot and yes you will be failing a lot, though – you can’t die in Antichamber and this the best thing about the game because it is always open for experiments with your mind and your soul.

Antichamber 5

While playing Antichamber you will notice that this game is limited by its geometrical simplicity and pure colors. No textures, no lights and no special effects: just things the way they are supposed to be – simple. Trust me – our life is simply too but we are the ones who make it complicated. Antichamber is not a First person shooter but it is a Laboratory, where you play both: the one who tests and the one who’s tested.

Antichamber 7

Antichamber has a variety of different prizes and rewards that can hardly be counted. But still – this is not what makes the game so special. And you know – I would even say that the game is not special at all. Just on the contrary – it is simple and very understandable. But, only for those who are ready to let go. Are you ready to break the rules and start a journey that is limited only by your imagination? Are your ready to forget about your past and live it together with the present and future? Are you ready to make a step back to make a step forward? No? Well, good for you because nobody’s ready to do that all by himself. For that matter we have games like Antichamber. They make us think different, they make us feel different and, after all, they make us BE different. But different from who? Other people? Isn’t it obvious that after all Antichamber makes you be you.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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