Dead Space 3: Sometimes They Come Back…

When you launch Dead Space 3 for the first time, you get a strange feeling that its developers have made a decision to combine everything that you’ve known from sci-fi books and movies for the past 30 years. Here you will find a little bit of everything: a small piece of “Alien,” a decent piece of “The Thing”, a lot from “Pandorum” and other classics. Though, you might be drawn back with the opening scene that is nothing else but a well known cliché, probably, shown I every second movie. But don’t rush into things and do not try to be over-judgmental…

After pretty long prologue filled with pain, snow and desperation, you will be invited to see Isaac’s bachelor’s apartment where the world of his collapses in a blink of an eye. His dear girlfriend makes a decision to move on and leaves Isaac behind even despite all the troubles they have gone through. Unlike a real girlfriend from a real world who will go to the nearest beauty salon to calm her nerves down, Ellie will likely travel to the other side of the universe to find out something about obelisks even despite the fact that not that long time ago you’ve just escaped a real massacre together. But who cares? By the way – she’s in trouble, so don’t freak out when her new boyfriend will drag you to your comfortable apartment. See ya…

dead space 2

For the next few minutes you are going to enjoy some inspiringly powerful cut scenes that will partially remind either The Fifth Element or Blade Runner where Isaac and a bunch of strange looking fellows will fight back the superior forces of religious fanatics. But, after all, closer to the end your trip on the space ship is inevitable and here is the point where you are to start your long journey.

A decent part of the game (about a quarter or so) will take place on the Space Ships Cemetery. But despite your expectations, this quarter will be the best one in the game. Every level has been design with great love and inspiration and even though I hate narrow passages and corridors, a well performed music accompaniment makes everything be very atmospheric. And when progressing through every level, you do believe that the wrecks you come near are 200 old and every search for another part of team members’ diaries is a journey you are ready to die for (not literary, of course). All this and lots of other things make you care and when you care – you want to be special and want to make things right and special. From time to time Isaac goes outside into the open space and pick up some things and repair what is broken and after narrow corridors of CMS Terra Nova this is like the awaited breath of fresh air.

dead space 4

The other part of Dead Space 3 you are going to spend on the surface of Tau Volantis fighting with necromorphs and religious fanatics. But, what is really important, you will be forced to face a lot more powerful enemy known as weather conditions. While you can send another bullet in enemy’s head, there is no way you can do the same with the approaching storm. First of all, your visibility is rather limited and it is a lot easier for your enemies to strike suddenly. To make it more interesting, game developers have added bug-like monsters to keep you awake in the storm. But don’t lose your head in attempts to chaise those down because if you are going to leave too far from the heat source, you can freeze to death. Well, this problem can be solved with the help of special armor as well as the first problem can go away with the help of big and powerful machinegun with a grenade launcher.

The good thing is that thanks to the Dead Space 3 developers, in a few clicks and with the required equipment, on special Mod Sections you can turn your weapon into almost anything one can imagine: from a shotgun to a rocket launcher, from a sniper rifle to a buzz saw thrower. This was made to give you an opportunity to personalize your game style. I, personally, hate shotguns but I adore rocket launchers and sniper rifles. So, I stuck to the plan and not a single monster scared me to death.

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The process of upgrading your suit in Dead Space 3 has changed too. For this matter you will need reagents. All the useful stuff, including med kits and ammo, you will find in boxes or they will simply fall out of the dead enemies. But the most important thing – you are not the one who collects all the goodies. All you have to do is to launch a small robot that will scan the environment and will alarm you about the things lying nearby. Now, all you have to do is to set the bot free and at the next Mod Station you will see all the goodies found during your trip. If you want to become a better fighter and finish the game faster, Dead Space 3 offers a little store where you can (for real money) purchase additional bots in order to collect the stuff faster. I can’t say that this makes a big difference because with a few more minutes spent in the game searching for goodies, you will find more than enough to become a tough guy and somewhere closer to the middle of the game you are going to have a fully upgraded gun and your costume. But, that is all up to you.

Another interesting thing about Dead Space 3 is that it has no multiplayer. However, it offers pretty good cooperative mode. It is a great pleasure to play it with friends but if you are the only enthusiast playing Dead Space 3 for now, you can always find someone to join you in the battle. The only downfall of this mode is that the game becomes not scary at all. While the first part of Dead Space was filled with horror stuff and the second one made you feel like you want to smash your keyboard, Dead Space 3 is nothing more but a cooperative shooter in interesting locations. But at the same time you will see and amazingly thought out and atmospherically rich single player. For instance, I did my best to stay on the level as long as possible and make sure that every piece of diary has been collected. It kind of reminded me Bioshock, where I did exactly the same and enjoyed it very and very much.

dead space 4

Dead Space 3 is worth spending every cent on it because it makes you feel lost, scared, relieved and excited. But it is not a horror third person shooter anymore even if it is called so. While enjoying the story line, you won’t be surprised with the monsters that seem to jump out of the same places. It was great at the first time, not bad at the second time but when you see is for the third time – you do not feel like being scarred anymore. So, if Visceral Games plans to release Dead Space in the upcoming year – please, don’t. I do want to see this story going but unless you make things new and fresh again – I recommend you to keep it quiet.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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