Sony PlayStation 4: What to Expect and When to Expect?

Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular consoles of the present. Even despite the fact that it has been released back in 2006, with a couple of updates and modifications it is still an amazing product popular among gamers. But it’s about time to leave the good things behind and create something way better. Rumors about Sony PlayStation 4 have been wondering the web since the release of its precursor and I think that 5 years after we have to make some conclusions and share a few thoughts on what to expect.

According to the latest and the hottest news, Sony PlayStation 4 should be announced and released by the end of this year. As a matter of fact, some rumors claimed that it was supposed to appear on the market by the end of 2012 but as you can see yourself – we are still playing Sony PlayStation of the 7th generation. The next closest rumor is March-April of 2013 and the latest – January-February 2014. However, the most true to life prediction seems to be E3 event that is going to take place in June, 2013. First of all – because it’s about time and secondly – Microsoft plans to announce a new console as well, known as Xbox 720. And there is nothing more stimulating than a healthy competition, especially on a market like this.

Sony PlayStation 4 will also come under the codename Orbis or Thebes. Both names are equally plausible but they won’t make a big difference in the potential hardware set. So far we know that Sony PlayStation 4 will have a 3.2 GHz quad-core AMD processor on a board with APU configuration. Probably, APU will be used for some simple tasks like browsing the web or watching videos. PS4 is also expected to have 8000 AMD based video chips and it might be something between 8750 or even the experimental 8990.  Also, if everything goes well, we are going to see up to 16 of RAM and 256 GB of physical storage. I, personally, think that it’s a shame to offer 256 GB of storage in the modern gamers’ society but I am pretty sure that this will be solved with the help of online storages or whatsoever. Of course, you will find USB ports (maybe even 4 of them), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and others. Probably, the only thing that will really  make the difference will be support for 4K resolution. At least, it would have been a perfect slogan: 4K on PS4. Sony PlayStation 4 competitor, Xbox 720 will have pretty much the same structure and believe it or not – they will walk hand in hand. Xbox 720 will have a 1.6 GHz eight-core AMD based processor with Jaguar architecture, 8 GB of DDR3 and pretty much the same video chip of 8000 series.

PlayStation 4 222

As you can see yourself – there is nothing abnormal in both consoles and by the time they are out, you will definitely have something alike at home like your PC or Mac or even tablet. Also, both consoles will be offered in $350-400 price range which is even lower than the last consoles have been sold on the market. And, as it was mentioned before, there is a great possibility that both products will be announced at E3 2013 event and will hit the store shelves by the end of 2013 or at the beginning of 2014.

Luckily, rumors about the new Sony PlayStation 4 do not only contain information about its specs but also share some interesting ideas about new gamepads and new features. Probably, the most surprising but yet desired rumor is that in Sony PlayStation 4 we are not going to see the bellowed and so classy DualShock gamepad. Do I need to remind you that its design hasn’t changed for years and with a couple of updates gamepad for Sony PlayStation consoles remained the same. Strangely, the design has been so successful that in most cases PlayStation owners were and still are satisfied with it but, according to CVG site, Sony plans to offer something new together with the new console. Unfortunately, this time the web is empty and you won’t find any pictures or leaked information about the new controller. However, there is a plenty of concepts that might give you a tip and describe the potential future that will appear in our hands. But I have a strange feeling that we should not expect something extraordinary. If you recall, back in the days Sony offered a new controller known as Sixaxis but it was criticized from every possible angle and Japanese company has made a decision to stick to the original design. But, we might see some cool changes like LCD touch-screens, better buttons location or something like that.

PlayStation 4 2

PlayStation 4 7

PlayStation 4 8

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Frankly speaking, I have pretty controversial feelings for this one myself. By all means I appreciate all the effort that has been given in creation of Sony’s Dual Shock controller but it’s about time to make things different. But this different has to be so advanced and shocking so that the angriest critic wouldn’t have even a slightest chance to say something bad about it. If there is nothing on Sony’s mind then it’s better to stay on the safe side and stick to the bellowed and favored Dual Shock controller, probably with a couple of minor updates.

PlayStation 1234

The next thing that will come as a great bonus for the future Sony PlayStation 4 console is a new device that is now known in the web as “Kinect Killer.” We still do not have a name for this device and, probably, it will be called Sony Eye 2 or Sony Eye Advanced but again – this is not about the name but about the features. First of all, the source (PlayStation LifeStyle blog) says that the new sensor controller will be a lot better than Kinect providing faster recognition and a lot faster reaction. Better cameras and better sensors will not only help to recognize a person in the room but also will change the way we see games now. In other words, better recognition system will allow gamers to use a greater variety of gestures. That is why not that long time ago Sony patented Finger Shooting. You know – that gesture when you imitate a pistol and shoot people saying “Peev-Peev.”  According to the source that refers to Sony “Players will get a possibility to shoot and reload their guns using simple gestures and gamer’s hand position will influence weapons behavior.” I also think that depending on where you point your finger imitating gun, your character will turn his head in that direction. But, that’s still a long road to walk. On the top of all the mystery device will scan the room with the help of sounds waves and is said to locate the player even if he’s out of camera’s range. Well, it looks like the future is almost here.

PlayStation 4 5

At this point I can only say that Sony PlayStation 4 won’t be something ridiculously revolutionary and in general it will be just a better version of Sony PlayStation 3. Of course, it will give us an opportunity to play better games and enjoy better graphics but that’s pretty much it. However, I do bet on new controllers and new motion scan systems and I do believe that these are the things that are going to make all the fun.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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