Hitman Absolution: A few Things to Talk About

It’s been a while since I’ve played Hitman. I still remember my first attempts to hide bodies and get into a proper outfit to complete the mission safe and unnoticed. You know – the one with the Triads in the very first Hitman?! It seems like this was yesterday and yet, when I look back, I understand that after a decade Hitman evolved into something different, something better and more interactive but still managed to remain the very same 47 that takes people’s breath away. Literary.

More than a year ago IO Interactive released their first Hitman Absolution trailer and announced the game itself. Nothing except the fact that this is going to be a better Hitman was mentioned. But during the last year, gameplay videos, rumors, trailers and, of course, the excitement of the upcoming release have revealed lots of interesting details and new features that will be included into the exclusive pack of the most popular stealth-shooter. In a couple of days, on November 20, to be exact, Hitman Absolution will be released on all platforms and I do believe it would be nice to make a little conclusion and see what should be expected in a bit more than a week.

Of course, following a good tradition of modern games, the new Hitman Absolution will be a lot more interactive and realistic and that’s what I actually was looking forward to see. Now you can make the world around become your great helper and things like bricks used for distraction may open a window for you to illuminate a cautious target. Well, to understand how it works you will have to play the game but trust me – there is nothing better than a well thought out killing strategy for a bad guy.

Maybe it’s because of the new graphics and game engine (Hitman Absolution is the first game that will use Glacier 2 game engine), but a complex of movements, weapons, new skills, opportunities and pretty much everything else creates a strange feeling of completeness and excitement. You always do not know what to expect cause your enemies or, better to say, targets have become unpredictable and a lot smarter. Though, it still doesn’t stop you from sending a bullet in their heads. Now you just have to play sharper.

A very special attention should be drawn to the unexpected and helpful skill that actually gives you a possibility to predict things. Well, it kind of turns your Hitman in a superhero. This new skill is based on an interesting idea that a professional killer like 47 is not just a man with a gun – he is almost a superhuman with  at least two six senses, so why don’t your hero gets something special in a form of highlights and fire belts? This actually refreshes the game and to some extend refers to Assassin’s Creed ability to see things that no one else can see. In Hitman it is called “Instincts”, in Assassin’s Creed it’s known as Eagle Sense. To get the full idea, you should definitely try the feature out. It won’t blow your mind but will make you feel special. And for those gamers who are not interested in being just a little bit supernatural, there is an option where you can turn the six sense off. But now things are going to get pretty hard, so do not say that we haven’t warned you.

Upgrading weapon is another fun activity that you, as Hitman, will enjoy. Better silencers, better barrels, better optics will make everything shoot faster and kill stronger. This is definitely THE investment to spend your money on. As for the repertoire, here you will have more than just everything: shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles from the regular set and hatchets, fiber wires or knives from a special and quite one. Of course, this is not a complete list of possible killing items but I’d prefer to keep everything else in a secret. Though, just a little tip: everything around you can be turned into a weapon as long as you have a plan and good imagination.

A very good point was mentioned in one of the gameplay videos about you discovering and learning the location. The better you exam the world around, the greater your chances are to do things perfect. Make sure you examine the smaller details because they can turn around the outcome in your favor and that is exactly what every assassin needs. For example, an extremely easy but very useful way to get your target’s attention when you do not have visual contact: just make a shot into the wall to create some noise. When he comes out, make sure you are eyeing his head through the optics and pull that trigger. I know that this sounds pretty obvious but sometimes at the critical moments, very often people forget about strategy.

Lots of things in the game will be based on well known and obvious stereotypes shown and popularized in every movie or TV show. For example, you will find cops in a donut shop chatting with a waitress. This scene, actually, made me laugh. It looks like developers do have a good sense of humor. And it will pop out from time to time during the game to make you fall in love with the game even more. By the way: walking around and memorizing routes for getaway or simply marking threats in your head is also a great part of killer’s strategy. If you know that there are cops in a shop next to your elimination point, I am more than sure that you’ll do your best to avoid them as long as possible when getting away from a crime scene.

What I do like about this game is an opportunity. Usually, people take killing targets in computer games very serious, especially in stealth-shooters like this one. First of all – a real killer is not a dirty butcher. He doesn’t kill people just because he wants to. He has to have a very serious reason to do that. Secondly, killing too many innocent people will make you to replay the mission or you simply won’t be paid for the work done. In this understanding, the real Hitman has always been known for being an old-school, cold blooded killer that did his job with not even a sign of emotion. Well, he does things still that way but with a chicken costume on him. Yes, I am not kidding. You can choose the way of killing bad guys on your own and it’s pretty much limited only by your fantasy and location complexity. You can take out two Berettas, rush into a building, kill every single person inside and get away covered in blood or you can quietly snipe targets and walk away like it’s not you. Or, you can dress out like a big Chicken and do some crazy stuff. This is the world where serious kills and funny opportunities meet in one place to bring all the excitement to the player, which means – YOU! From now on you will be the one responsible for that challenge: either with a knife or with a sniper rifle you can still make everything look and be interesting.

So, brace yourself cause Hitman’s coming!

Trailer that is worth a million.

Gameplay Trailer.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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