Angry Birds Star Wars: First Impression

In order to show it’s appreciation to the most popular sage in the world, Rovio has recently released a new game that goes under the title “Angry Birds Star Wars.” I have to admit that I was a bit surprised, in a skeptical kind of way, and more than sure that this was just an attempt to make money and reach a couple of millions downloads on all the possible platforms. I think you will agree with me that the previous major update aka Angry Birds: Space brought a totally different understanding of the game itself and I was more than sure that nothing could have made things better but it appeared that Rovio kept a couple of aces in their sleeves and those aces happened to be very handy. Angry Birds: Star Wars turned out to be a shockingly interesting combination of principles used in Angry Birds (Classics) and Angry Birds Space. Together with the popular Star Wars saga this happens to be a killing mixture of pleasure and nostalgia and since even a little kid knows what Star Wars and Angry Birds are – this is a killing mixture for success.


Basically – nothing has changed: you will still have to launch birds, destroy constructions and kill piggies. But now your birds play the role of positive characters in Star Wars and piggies took the dark side (which is pretty logically, I would say). So now the most common bird, the Red one, is Luke Skywalker, the Black one – Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Yellow one – Han Solo, the Big Red one – Chewbacca, the Pink one – Princess Leia, the little Blue ones were turned into X-wing pilots, the White ones – into C-3PO, and the egg is the egg that looks like R2-D2. And, of course, the Millenium falcon plays the role of Mighty Eagle. Sounds exciting already, don’t you find? Well, trust me – the best is yet to come! Of course, the Dark Side of the Galaxy Far-Far away dressed up all the piggies in costumes of Imperial Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Death Star Crew, the almighty Darth Vader and all the other great bad heroes that we enjoyed suffering through the saga.


Of course, you should not expect Angry Birds dressed up like characters from Star Wars flying over green valleys or China Town: in Angry Birds Star Wars all the characters will appear in the world of Star Wars:  Tatooine, Death Star and others. Though, as for the “others”, they will be available a bit later with the upcoming updates. So far you can enjoy playing 2 Chapters with 40 levels each that actually can be finished in a couple of hours. Or, you can show your skills in a separate chapter Path of the Jedi.

As it was mentioned before – Angry Birds Star Wars is a combination of the Angry Birds Classics and Angry Birds Space. Missions on Tatooine will refer to the classics with picturesque but sandy landscapes and Death Star missions will take place in space where you will be fighting for the better future of the whole Galaxy.

The whole Angry Birds to Angry Birds + Star Wars transformation is logical and natural: characters appear in the game the way they appear in the movie saga and their abilities are a lot like their prototypes have. For example: from the very beginning Luke Skywalker is pretty helpless but in a couple of rounds obtains a light saber that helps him to destroy barriers and reflect blasts. Oh ye, with the progress Stormtroopers will be shooting at you and you will have either to fly between blasts or to reflect them with your saber. The second option is much more fun! Also, as well as in the movie, Han Solo will use his pistol to shoot enemies and move things while Chewbacca will simply smash everything because he plays a role of a big red bird. X-wing pilots, as well as blue birds from the previous versions, will split in three and will cover a waste territory. R2-D2 will continue buzzing bad personages with his shocker and C-3PO will explode sending dangerous pieces of his body right into enemy’s heart.

At the same time piggies are now a lot more interactive and can protect themselves from your precise shooting. For example, Stormtroopers can shoot back and if you get hit by their blast – you will lose your bird. At the same time TIE-fighter pigs can fly and you will have to consider their movement in order to take them down. Well, the strategy is all up to you but remember that sometimes going the other way round and making things original but simple can be more helpful than attempts to become a precise shooter. But strategy movement is all up to you!


Angry Birds Star Wars is definitely another successful time killer that should be installed on every smart-phone or tablet. A well thought out combination of Angry Birds and Star Wars can’t and shouldn’t be missed even by those people who do not know a thing about any of the franchises (though, I do believe that in this Galaxy people like that do not exist). Technically – these are the old good Angry Birds with pretty much the same gampeplay strategies but they do look different and what is more important – they really feel different. Also, they come free for Android owners and will cost a couple of bucks for those who have iOS devices or prefer to play on PC (I wouldn’t recommend that – you will lose all the fun).

Personal Thoughts and Desires 

Angry Birds franchise is a great thing and a real savior: whenever you get bored at work or in the queue, this is the right app to launch on your smart-phone. But, I’ve been thinking a while and I am pretty sure that this is the highest time to move even further and to expend Angry Birds by adding things like multiplayer or cooperative mode. Basically, Angry Birds is a step by step game and with a multiplayer mode Rovio can turn it into even greater game with a lot more fans all over the world to join the Angry Birds community. One player will play for Birds and the other one will play for Pigs. Moreover, they can combine their ideas and give piggies some original skills and tools from Bad Piggies (Rovio’s another game). Man, this game has some great potential ahead and considering the fact that Rovio’s other projects like Amazing Alex and the already mentioned Bad Piggies didn’t end up so successful, it might be a good idea to stop experimenting with and concentrate on Angry Birds and their future. Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Terminator – those are only a few movies whose reincarnation I would like to see in Angry Birds. But the list of possibilities here is pretty endless, so all we need right now is a good strategy and creativity coming from Rovio. And we, as faithful fans, will “eat” pretty much everything as long as it is called Angry Birds. And now excuse me – I have a Far-Far away Galaxy to play in.

Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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