How To Not Suck At Battlefield 3

I am a huge fan of the Battlefield series and Battlefield 3 is no exception. The use of vehicles, large and open maps, and the importance of teamwork are all things that I enjoy about this game.  The element of teamwork is an aspect that I especially admire about the Battlefield games.  If the team you are on does not work well together, then there is little chance that you will win.  I play with two or three of my friends usually, which makes up our squad in the game. (Squads allow only four players if you are not familiar with the game.)  We work well together and win most of our games, especially when there are three or four of us. When it is just me and another, we are not so fortunate.  Even when the squad is full, winning still can come down to the competency of the rest of your team.  In my case, the other eight team members because I play on the 360.  A bad team can make for a frustrating game even for the best of players.  About a week ago, a friend and I played on the worst team that I can remember playing on.  Anyway, we lost and I have not played the game as much since then.  It is no fun playing with an incompetent team, so here are some tips to improve your game and the game of people you play with.

Play the Objective

This is obvious enough, but I have been in tons of game with players that seem clueless as to what the purpose of the game is.  I pretty much play only Rush, so that is the game type that I will cover. If you are attacking on Rush, push forward for the love of all that is holy.  Sitting back and picking people off is not going to get you far if the whole team is doing it.  Even if someone on your team manages to plant, they will be at a disadvantage because they will be outnumbered.  The defensive team will be able to defuse the crate with ease.  Though, it is fine to stay back if you have a clear shot on the crate and can defend it against it being defused.  Also, learn how to flank and take the longer route.  Too many times I have seen squads become caught in a tunnel or hallway and get mowed down.  It pays to take the extra time to travel around the map to surprise the enemy team. When you are defending, make sure to have a few teammates near the crates at all times.  It is great to push a team back and get them in a spawn camp, but all it takes is for one player to sneak past your team and plant.  And when you have to run back and guys have spawned on that enemy, then you will be in trouble as the front line is broken and the rest of the enemy team has the chance to push up on yours.

Put Down the Sniper

Ever been on a team that is made up of mostly snipers? Sucks, right?  Unless you are getting double digit kills with your sniper every round, you are probably not helping out your team.  The more snipers there are on a team, the less people that are not pushing up on the attack or staying in the back of your base if you are defending.  If there are more than 3 or 4 snipers on the team, it is going to be a challenge moving up to plant unless they are amazing snipers.  This is not Halo.  Pick up a machine gun or automatic rifle and help our team.

Become Skilled with the Vehicles

Vehicles can be devastating when they are in the right hands.  It is to you and your team’s advantage to become familiar with them.  Using them frequently is a good idea, especially for the upgrades, because some of the upgrades will extend your life in the vehicle and make attacking from them more deadly.  Main tanks and air vehicles will get you the most kills and appear the most frequently throughout the maps.  Some are also great for transportation purposes.  Parachuting into an enemy base is an effective measure for causing havoc and diverting other player’s attention.

Make Use of Different Classes

There are four classes in Battlefield: Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon.  I know that it is tempting to stick with the class that you are good at or used heavily in previous Battlefield game, but it is a good thing to branch out from time to time.  I know that I heavily favored the Support class at first, because that was what I primarily used in Bad Company 2.  Mixing up the classes will help your team and is sometimes essential under certain circumstances, because of the different weapons and upgrades that are class specific.

The Assault class sets itself apart from the rest with its ability to heal and revive teammates.  Health kits help to regenerate health faster than the norm, but the revive ability is the most useful.  It keeps the team’s ticket count from going down and keeps the downed player from having to wait to respawn, thus saving time and keeping the player in the fight and the attack going or the defense strong. The Engineer might be the most important class.   Sometimes, the outcome of the game depends upon the skill of the engineers in the game. Almost all of the levels have some type of vehicle for use and the engineer is the best class for taking them out, because of its long range anti-vehicle weapons.  Tanks and helicopters can devastate an enemy team in the right hands.  Rockets and javelins will be your saving grace.  C4 from the Support class works well too, but is risky because it requires running up to the tank and sometimes you do not enough have the option of planting it on the helicopter.  Also, there are mines that can be left on the road to slow down the tanks, or blow them up if the driver is careless. The repair tool is another useful item and the EOD robot is great for sneaking up on the enemy team.  An engineer or two behind a tank in a tank fight will usually mean a win.  It also has the power to do considerable damage to enemy tanks quickly.

The Support class is useful, because it is the only way to sport a light machine gun and resupply your team.  The light machines have a much larger clip than the other guns, so they are good for taking out multiple enemies at once without getting caught reloading. The ammo box is the only way to resupply besides dying or picking up class from the ground.  They are most useful on defense, so that your team will not run out of ammo as they are holding the enemy team back. Also, C4 and the mortar are helpful as well. C4 can take out vehicles, act as an extra layer of security for protecting objectives, and can be used for setting traps.  The mortar provides great covering fire.  It can hurt vehicles as well, but it is not as useful as the other anti-vehicle weapons by itself.  The Recon class is great for covering your advancing teammates or protecting the objective from back in the base.  The spawn beacon is useful on large maps to cut time between the fronts down. The motion detector gives you the upper hand in tight quarters by letting you know who’s coming.  The laser designator works best with an engineer carrying javelins. This combination can take out the vehicles before they become a factor in the game.

Make Use of Squad Specializations

As you rank up, you will unlock squad specializations.  A squad specialization is something that benefits all the players in your squad.  For example, one of the specializations allows for an extra grenade.  This means that every squad member will spawn with an extra grenade and can resupply the extra grenade as well.  There are other ones that include extra ammo, extra explosives, and longer sprinting, to name a few. They do come in handy and influence the outcome of the game.  That extra grenade can save your life from multiple enemies and stop an attack.  Those extra explosives could be the ones that take out a vehicle or two.  Do not underestimate the use of squad specializations.  And make sure that each squad member is using a different one.  If two players both use the extra grenade specialization, every member will still have two grenades and not three.

Make Use of Your Surroundings

Battlefield 3 features destructible environments that can be used to the player’s advantage.  Is there a house full of people? Take it down with C4 or smash through the wall with tank shells or rockets to expose the players inside.  If a group of enemies is walking along the side of a building, shot a rocket at the walls above and take them out with the falling debris.  You can create faster routes by blowing holes through buildings.  Use the environments to your advantage. Climb to the highest point in the level to get the vantage point for sniping.  Use the cover of large rocks to hide from the tanks and pop back and forth to take it out.  If small or secluded passages are available, use them to avoid the enemy for a sneak attack.  Are there explosive tankers on the map?  Instead of getting into a firefight, blow up the tankers to kill the enemy who took cover behind them.


Battlefield 3 is a team game, making communication a key to winning.  Letting your teammates know where the enemy is, where and when you have died, and where your killer is on the map are crucial to winning.  Updates on your location and where you plan on going and the areas that you are covering will let your teammates focus better on their areas, because they know that your area is taken care of for awhile.  Also, it is good to call for help when you are being overrun, so that the surge can be dealt with before you lose your footing on the area or the entire base before long.

Other Helpful Suggestions

  1. Switch to your handgun when you run out of bullets in your main gun during a fight.  It is quicker and often leads to multiple kills.
  2. Spawn on your teammates. I know that this sounds obvious, but when you are waiting to respond it is easy just to tap the button to appear at the default spawn instead of choosing which teammate to spawn on. Spawning on your teammates saves time and can provide your teammates with crucial back-up.
  3. The machine gun with a bi-pod is the way to go.  The bi-pod keeps the gun steady and will make it easier to kill players at a distance by removing most of the recoil.  Hallways and tunnels can be defended by a single player with a bi-pod.
  4. Make use of suppressors.  Suppressors give you the advantage of not giving your position away, especially on the mini-map.  You will be able to take out multiple enemies before they know what hit them.

These are my suggestions for improving your game-play or someone’s that you know.  Working well with a competent team will lead to victory or at least to a less frustrating and more enjoyable time.

Author: Cicero

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