I Am Alive: Game Review

For some reason people enjoy playing games where their heroes have to deal with the post-apocalyptic world full of danger and unexpected turnarounds. Probably, one of the main “passions” for this kind of games is a strong desire to see how it goes when the world turns into a massy place. Well, you have a chance to figure that out by playing another survival horror I Am Alive.

Your journey will start with pretty classy “I was gone for a couple of days and the world gone crazy”. The main hero whose name is kept in secret (some sources claim that it’s Alan) gets back in town after The Event and tries to make his way home and see if his family is alright. In short – The Event is a series of powerful earthquakes that destroyed most cities and areas. It seems that they came out of nowhere and in a few days have managed to change this world and people in it. Government does it best to help people in the cities but those attempts do not seem to be successful. With the lack of food, water and fresh air (the whole city is covered with dust and it is almost impossible to breath in low areas) people change their social principles and get suspicious, aggressive and more than just dangerous.

When getting back in town you instinctively make your way to your house to see if someone is still there. On your way home you are going to realize that streets have turned into creepy places with broken cars, skyscrapers and dead bodies and every next step can turn into your last with ground getting away under your feet. And this is THE moment when Prince of Persia-like game process comes into play. To get from one point to the other you will have to climb buildings, water drains, fences and everything else that can hold a human body. But do not consider it to be the easiest part. The trick is that you have two lines responsible for your hero – Life line (a red one) and Stamina line (a white one). When you climb or do some physical activity your stamina gets lower and lower and while on the ground it doesn’t actually matter, when climbing up that long water drain you will notice that even when resting your stamina still falls down. When it reaches critical limit – you will have a chance to overcome the last couple of meters sacrificing your health but when things get really bad – you will simply fall down. Of course, sitting in quite places and doing nothing is not the only way to recover your stamina: you can drink water or eat some food to make your hero lost longer but those are pretty rear to find, so, keep that in mind. Unfortunately, food and water are not the only rear things in this world: ammunition as well as any other kind of weapon is pretty rear too. You will start your game rocking a simple pistol with one bullet. Yep, one bullet only and lots of things will depend on your decision when and how to use that bullet.

Now we are at the point when it is the highest time to say a few words about the gameplay itself. Well, mostly you will be forced to move around the city trying to avoid troubles, keeping your health and stamina levels safe. But no matter how hard you try, troubles will still find you even in the safest places of this unsafe city. Luckily, you won’t be forced to deal with monsters, zombies or any other strange creatures that usually appear after things get really bad. In this world the role of monsters was given to people who are willing to kill you for another bottle of water or just because you are walking on their territory. With the help of useful tips you will figure out how to knock out 5 bandits with 1 bullet and a machete but trust me – that won’t be easy.

Luckily, bandits won’t be the only people you will find in the city. If you are a sensitive person and you consider yourself to be a HUMAN at the first place, the game will challenge you with the unfortunate asking for help. Usually, your goal will be to share medical kit, food or water with those who can’t find the supplies themselves. Instead you are going to get “Checkpoint points” that are more than useful when you play normal or hardcore mode. The trick is that in those modes you have a limited number of retries. When you get killed – you use one point automatically to start from the latest checkpoint. When you are out of those points – you will have to restart the whole level. Of course, you can play the easy mode where the number of replays is unlimited but in this case you are not going to get bonus features and original stuff.

At a certain moment you will meet a small girl that looks a lot like your daughter and being a good father as well as an honest man, you will help this girl to make her way to the safe place. Lots of things will change in your journey because of Mei but they will spice the plot a bit and that’s a good thing, right? Can you imagine fighting a bunch of bad guys with a little girl on your shoulders or jumping on a wrecked train that is about to disappear in rupture? No? Well, you will in I Am Alive.


– Dramatic plot

– Well made post-apocalyptic world


– Identical battle scenes

– Uncomfortable controls

– Stamina!


Author: Oleg Repetskiy

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