Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2

Good news for Call Of Duty lovers! The ninth game of COD series is going to be released on November 13, 2012.  Activision is hopeful about the publishing of their new game Call Of duty: Black Ops 2. Like the other games of this series, Treyarch has developed the game. After the blasting performance of the Black Ops, It is sure that Black Ops 2 will be one of the best seller games of 2012. The game will be released for PlayStation 3, XboX 360 and windows operating pc. A zombie version of the game will be released with the main game as an additional one.

Gameplay : Black Ops 2


COD is always the best choice for first-person shooting gamers. The plot of Black Ops 2 is actually divided into two parts. You will start single-player campaign and soon the story will be divided. One part will take you back in the 1970s to 1980s, the period of cold war. In this game, the main character is Alex Mason, who is a combat specialist, fought with soviet union on behalf pf USA. There were many proxy wars at that time. It is also the time when he will meet with a Nicaraguan narco-terrorist, Raul Mendez. He is the chief of a populist movement, standing on the theme of economic inequality. His organization, Cordis Die, creates many kinds of hostility and rampant during the cold war in the game. Mason’s friend Frank Woods return later and starts narrating the second section of the story. During the cold war, you will have to fight in central America, Afghanistan(during Soviet invasion), and in Angola.

The next section of the game starts in 2025. A heinous cyber attack cripples the China Stock Exchange which dives China to ban the export of rare earth materials. It triggers a new cold war between China and USA. Alex’s son David is the torchbearer of this part of the game. The most unpredictable part of this game is, in 2025, the war will be directed by cyber weapons, non-human vehicles, destructive particles and robotics. During this new cold war, Raul Mendez ignites the fire of war between China and USA with his vicious attempts. In this part, you will experience war in Singapore, Los Angeles, Yemen. The relationship between Victor Reznov and Alex Mason which started in Black Ops, will continue the flow of story in Black Ops 2.

Gameplay : Black Ops 2


Black Ops 2 is going to be the first game of COD series where the gamer’s choice will influence the storyline of the game. There are branching storyline which is known as the Strike Force Mission. The success or failure in this mission will define the next story of the game. You can play it during the 2025. Your success in one mission will unlock the others. But if you die during the Strike Force Mission, it will prevent you from loading a previously saved game. Your performance in Strike Force Mission will pave the way of the ultimate result. Even you can change the result of the new cold war. You will be able to use Unmanned aerial machines, Robots, Jet Fighters etc in Strike Force Mission. And beside the main game, the thrilling horror part of the game will be released with the main game. During Call Of Duty: World At War, the zombie part was first introduced. There will be zombie part too for both in PC and play stations. Let’s wait for the big blast!

Unmanned vehicles

Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2 trailer:


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