Top 10 Memorable Mass Effect Moments

To commemorate the release of Mass Effect 3, the ending to one of this generation’s greatest stories, Fresh Gamer has compiled a list of the 10 best moments from both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to comment about what you think we missed or what your own personal top 10 might look like.

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Number 10

Starting off back in Mass Effect 1, we have a scene where Captain Kirrahe must inspire and command his team of spies to unleash their inner soldier and attack Saren’s Krogran cloning facility head on, while in turn, acting as a diversion for Commander Shepard’s team. Unfortunately, Salarians are not typically called to act as pure soldiers and Captain Kirrahe knows this. What he attempts to do is rally his team of spies, boost their morale, and transform them into the fighting machines their species once was and what we get in return, is one of the series most memorable speeches. “Hold the line!”

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Number 9

Next on our list is a scene that could easily be one of the most amusing moments in Mass Effect as well as one of the most memorable. And now, without further adieu, I present to you: Mordin, the very model of a scientist Salarian!

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Number 8

Coming in hot at number 8 is a scene highlighting the… edgier sides of Commander Shepard. Merc Mistake No. 1: Stand beside a window dozens of stories high. Merc Mistake No 2: Get an attitude with Commander Shepard. Merc Mistake No 3: Fail at making Commander Shepard think you’re actually worth a damn.

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Number 7

Keeping it Renegade, at number 7 we have Shepard punching a female reporter not once, but twice! I’m not sure what’s more memorable: the experience of watching Shepard punch a reporter, or the reporter falling to the ground faster than a freshly cut tree. Hey, at least she shows dedication. Here’s to hoping for the triple crown in Mass Effect 3!

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Number 6

Minus the cheesy hand clap performed by Commander Shepard, at number 6 we have the moment the galaxy acquires its first human Spectre. This scene is significant because it’s where Shepard’s hero status is truly born as the Council gives him the job of protecting the galaxy and sends him on a mission to stop Saren. At this point, Shepard becomes the galaxy’s first line of defense and his destiny to stop the Reapers is ultimately born.

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Number 5

The following scene is one that I think I will remember forever. For one, this is where each gamer’s Shepard starts. This is the moment where the epic story begins and where it all traces back to. Secondly, I’ll always remember watching this scene and then later, when my brother was at my apartment, creating a whole new character just to show him how the game opens, which ultimately led to his own fascination with Mass Effect. At the time, I called it one of the best introductions to a videogame I had ever seen and I think that label still holds. It’s not flashy and it’s not action packed but it perfectly sets the mood for the remainder of the series. Something big is about to happen and the only person who stands a chance at protecting the galaxy is Commander Shepard. In the words of Joker, “The board is green. Approach run has begun…” and the saga begins.

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Number 4

Mass Effect 2 followed its predecessor with an opening that **SPOILER** killed off both Shepard and the Normandy. At that moment, as I watched the Normandy get ripped into pieces by the Collectors, I thought “Damn, I really, really liked that ship.” The Normandy was sleek and sexy and I felt as if it was part of Commander Shepard’s crew. I knew I was going to get Shepard back, but I wasn’t sure about the Normandy. Fortunately, Bioware had the following scene waiting only about an hour into the game. The Normandy returned, as did your trusted pilot, Joker and just like a powerful scene from a movie, chills ran down my back.

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Number 3

At number 3, we have one of the most intense moments in Mass Effect thus far. Just before this scene, Wrex, your powerful Krogan ally, had been in your crew long enough for a friendship to form. He was honorable yet powerful and he told intriguing stories of war that reminded me of Canderous from Knights of the Old Republic. He was a well liked character but at this moment, things changed and the situation at hand placed Wrex in to a strong disagreement with Shepard. The scene opens up with Wrex angrily shooting into the ocean as Shepard walks over to calm him down. Saren, the game’s villian, is cloning Krogan to build an army and Shepard wants to destroy Saren’s cloning facility. Wrex gets upset because the Krogan race has been neutered by galactic scientists out of fear and he views the cloning facilty as a potential cure for Krogan infertility. The moment Wrex pulls a gun on Shepard is the moment you start to think your words could have serious consequences.

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Number 2

As of the end of Mass Effect 2, we’ve seen Shepard die or almost die a total of 3 times. At number 2 in our countdown, we have the first moment where it appears as if Shepard has fallen. What results from that question of “Is he really…?” is an incredibly powerful scene that shows near life-like body language from your active party members and your friend, Captain Anderson. Shepard’s teammates wonderfully emphasize the tragedy they have appeared to have witnessed but as Jack Wall’s musical composition lifts, we catch a glimpse of the Commander crawling and eventually running from the rubble. And as he limps toward his friends, we catch a sly yet accomplished grin that brings a sigh of relief to everyone playing.

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Number 1

I’ve seen numerous trailers for movies and games but in my 24 years, I have never seen a trailer for a piece of entertainment that has sent more chills down my back than the Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer. Yes, this is only a trailer and isn’t technically part of the Mass Effect series but it is part of the Mass Effect experience. From the incredible opening showing numerous, high review scores and praise combined with Two Steps from Hell’s “Heart of Courage” music, to the end of the trailer as Commander Shepard says “We have to give everything, even if that means our lives,” every second of this trailer is masterfully done and to this day, stands as one of the greatest trailers ever produced. The point of a trailer is get the viewer pumped for the full length feature and to me, no trailer has ever succeeded more than the following video and no other moment in the Mass Effect series comes close to the quality and memorability of this production.

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And that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed this countdown, whether you agree or disagree. As always, don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think should be number 1! Oh, and one more thing: Only 1 day until the Reaper invasion begins. Check below for the official Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer and make sure your Tuesday, March 6th is clear. I think we’re all in for a wild finale.

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