10 Characters we’d like to see in Soul Calibur 5

With the new Soul Calibur coming out shortly, it seemed like the ideal time to publish this nifty top ten list of characters who will never appear in the game.

10 )  Cody from the game Street Fighter 4. The chains would make for an interesting weapon style, & Cody is a…decent character. Let’s face it, the number 10 entry is never going to be great.

9 )  Deadpool from Disney – I mean  Marvel Comics.  Because the Merc with a Mouth must be everywhere. Also, katana & gun, pretty cool.

8 )  Indiana Jones from the incredibly well-known film series. Bull-whip & sword, like in Temple of Doom.

7 )  Samson from the actual Bible.  Ass jawbone style – why not? Better than Rock, anyways.

6 )  Haruko Haruhara from the anime FLCL. She swings that Rickenbacker bass around with authority & is damn well sexy.

5 ) Gandalf from…you know, of course.  Staff & sword, throw some magic in & you’ve got a winner.

4 )  Roman Gladiator from the History Channel. Net & trident would make for a nice tricky style. Please note that “from the History Channel” is a joke.

3 )  Ash from the Evil Dead films. Chainsaw for a hand, boomstick ranged attack  & voiced by Bruce Campbell. Groovy.

2 )  Gogo Yubari from the film Kill Bill.  An insane schoolgirl killer with a combat yoyo – if you need more justification than that, you’re definitely on the wrong website. 

1 )  San Te from the film The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. The 3-part staff would be a great addition to the series, & San Te is a kick-ass character.

So there you have  it, five decent picks & a bunch of filler to pad it out to a top 10 – that’s how we do it.

Author: Wishbane

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