Top 10 Things We Love About The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Here at Fresh Gamer, we extol an editorial policy which we feel is just that – fresh! That’s why, for our first article, we carefully selected content concerning a game which is not only  2 months old, but also one of the most overexposed games of all time: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Because at Fresh Gamer, we’re anything but predictable. Being predictable is killing internet content…right now, millions of predictably “original” articles have gone up around the interwebs – damn well killing it.

We’ll never do that – it’s just not fresh.

10 ) Amazing Scripting & Voice Acting – Bethesda spared no expense in employing the best writers & the best vocal talent to bring their epic to life – too many developers would have sacrificed the quality of this content just to meet an unrealistic deadline.

Kris Kristofferson makes his video game acting debut as Belethor & about 50 other characters in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

9 ) Special “Slow-Mo” Mode For PS3 Users – Yes, lucky Playstation users got an extra, easy slow-motion mode so younger or mentally challenged players could enjoy this great game. It’s also a terrific way to appreciate the wonderful art assets that went into Skyrim, frame by  frame.

8 ) Epic Dragon Fights – A lesser developer might have set the random dragon encounters too high, resulting in increasingly predictable and irritating encounters. But not Bethesda – they didn’t do that.

7 ) Enchanting & Smithing – Considering how much time you spend doing these two activities, it would be a minor disaster if they were boring, tedious chores. Luckily, they’re really, really fun.

6 ) Leveling is Changed – Unlike the previous Elder Scroll game Oblivion, no longer will you find your character struggling with apparently unbalanced, overpowered foes around level 5. Now this happens at level 15.

5 ) Locations show so much variety – It’s hard to believe they all exist in the same world.

4 ) Cooking – A lot of players may have missed it, but you can cook up stews, pies & all kinds of crazy shit to restore like 5 or 10 health & stamina! Aside from alchemy being a million times more effective, what a great addition.

3) Alchemy – Why just buy a potion from the thousands of gold you accrue every time you quest, when you can spend hours leveling this skill instead?

2 ) So Many Enemy Types – A lesser developer would have reused the same basic enemy types over & over again, leading to tedious & predictable encounters. Once again, this is not what Bethesda did – they didn’t do that.

And finally, the number 1 reason we love the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim:

1 ) It’s a basically video game version of Game of Thrones – Without the delays that acquiring the licence, getting approvals & all that other nonsense would have caused. Thanks, Bethesda!

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